How can I mute Buddy when I'm sleeping or having meeting at work?

                      SAFE NETWORK

We have for that purpose in BiiSafe Buddy App Settings Safe Networks selection or Do Not Disturb. When you have selected your work WiFi in safe network list, no warnings are given.

If you leave wallet to work, you get warning when you leave work WiFi range, so warning is still functional, but not in inside workplace.

Open BiiSafe Buddy App. Tap list symbol in upper left corner. Select "Device settings". In the bottom there is "Select Safe Networks". Select your work WiFi.

                      DO NOT DISTURB

The BiiSafe Buddy App can make your phone ring even if it's on mute. However, you can activate "DO NOT DISTURB" from 'Device Settings' to set a time period during the day when your phone won't play any sound except Alerts.




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