Buddy's battery life and how to replace the battery

The replaceable CR2032 coin battery lasts from 2 to 6 months depending on the usage. Standby time when connected to a mobile device is up to 1 year.

Using Buddy, such as pressing the button or making a sound, depletes the battery faster. The same applies if you use BiiSafe Buddy in cold temperatures. This behaviour is normal to lithium battery.

Below is steps to replace BiiSafe Buddy battery by yourself:

1) You need your BiiSafe Buddy and the battery cover opener. You can also use a small screw driver.



2) Open the battery cover by turning it counter-clockwise 45 degrees.



3) Once opened, you'll have 3 parts: your Buddy, the battery cover and the black insulation ring.



4) You can use the battery cover opener to remove the battery from the cover.



5) Make sure you place the new battery correctly, plus side facing the bottom of the cover.



6) Put the insulation ring back before closing the battery cover. Insulation ring makes sure the battery cover is waterproof.



7) Close the battery cover by turning it clockwise 45 degrees. Make sure you turn it all the way! See the correct closing position in the picture below.


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    This is a great gadget I can keep track of my luggage and even put it in the kids pocket so heaven forbid if I need to find them I can, piece of mind makes this an essential buy.


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