Activity Tracking (Android Only)


How does the activity tracking of BiiSafe Buddy work?

BiiSafe Buddy has an inbuild accelerometer which can be used to measure your movement. At the moment Buddy needs to be placed in the pocket of your trousers to measure activies involving leg movement, such as walking, running or biking. Activity tracking is first supporter by the Android app only (May 2015). This feature will be added to the IOS version also during 2015. New features and options will be developed after the first releases.

Why Buddy needs to be in my pocket to track activities? Why don't you offer a version with a wristband?

Well, actually we are working on this. Before launching more options for the activity tracking we need to find the correct sensitivity settings to interpret the measurements. Movement readings from your wrist or neck are different compared to your leg. Since BiiSafe Buddy is often used with the keys we decided to go with the pocket variation first.

Do I have to carry my phone with me when using the activity tracking of BiiSafe Buddy?

Nope, your phone is only needed to upload the activity data. BiiSafe Buddy will store movement data in it's internal memory and data is uploaded to the app on the background when Buddy connect to your phone again.

Buddy device can store the last 5 days of activity data.

Is activity data saved to my BiiSafe Buddy account too?

Yes it is, but there are few points to remember.

First, the data is relevant to the individual Buddy device, not to your account alone. Data handling will be improved in later versions.

Data for each day is stored for 30 days and then deleted. In the future we might offer more options and data storage with subscription plans.

Do I need to purchase a new Buddy in order to get the activity tracking feature?

You don't need a new Buddy for this. Just make sure you have the latest app version installed.

How accurate is the activity tracking?

We have tested the Buddy against some known mobile phone apps for iPhone, including Apple's Health. The difference in steps has been around 1-2%. That means that after 2000 steps taken you would see a difference of 20-40 steps between the apps.

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