Please Update your BiiSafe Buddy App before Monday, January 30.

The new app-versions for Apple and Android phones are here (iOS 3.1.1 and Android 3.1.0). Due to changes in our cloud service, older versions of the Applications will stop working by Monday, 30th of January 2017. 


Please update your App through Google Play or the IOS App Store immediately.  


 Procedure for the update:

     1. Log out from the BiiSafe Buddy App

     2. Download the update from the IOS App Store or Google Play

     3. Log in to the BiiSafe Buddy App

     4. Re-attach your BiiSafe Buddies

*All the circle information and activity will remain the same, however your profile image and circle images will need to be uploaded again.


In case you have any problems with the update, please contact our customer support:






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